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the Distance

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With a very narrow point of focus, a precisely abstract point, without destroying, but only with more fade, I see the doubt, sometimes the despair, hedonism and sometimes the inspiration.

The right distance does not exist.
Or we are too close to see, or we are too far to see, the things.

It's in this perfect disillusion of not being able to see that i put all myself paying attention in analyzing with precise approximation the right point where to go beyond, to skip and even a little to transcend.

As allegories.
The hedonist (egotism), the ascetic (spiritualism), the deformed, the lovers, the survivor (despair), the identity, the nihilist (the doubt, the face and the loss), the passage of demons (on the face, on the eyes), the sleeping beauty (sweetness), the suspension (wisdom).
The melancholy game of love, a man and a woman; he protects himself, she waves. Their separation is the distance.

I look at them and i ask myself where they are.


1. inside
2. elsewhere
3. where
4. exactly here
5. half dying
6. without
7. from this side of doubt
8. one hundred demons
9. just before sleeping
10. you are already there
11. you'll float again
12. stop protecting


  • 2010, Exhibition at PrivateFlat #6 Festival 'Brucia Babilonia' in Florence
  • 2010, Official selection at portfolio dell'Ariosto in Castelnuovo Garfagnana (Lucca)